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Library Board of Trustees


Current Trustees (all terms are 3-year terms where year after name is term expiration year)

Connie Brayley - 2016
Warren Brayley - 2015
Annie Donovan - 2016
Tammy Hohn  - 2015
Paula Johnson - 2014
Nancy Jordan - 2015
Kathy Johnson - 2016
Nancy Noble - 2014
Patty Temple - 2014



Chair - Paula Johnson
Vice Chair - Warren Brayley
Secretary - Annie Donovan
Treasurer - Town of Long Island Treasurer


The Board's annual meeting is normally held in late August or early September.  It meets at other times during the year as needed.  The dates, times and location of  Board meetings are posted at the library and on the Community Calendar.  The public is welcome to attend Board meetings.

Library Board of Trustees By-laws

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