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Dodwell Gallery

The Dodwell Gallery is named in honor of James and Shirley Dodwell, island artists.   Jim was known for his watercolors.  Many islanders own his paintings and treasure them.  Shirley worked in a variety of mediums, including Tole painting.  The Gallery opened its doors with a show of the work of these two talented artists on July 10th, 2004.

The Dodwell Gallery is located at the Long Island Community Library/Learning Center and is open whenever the Library is open. Most work is for sale, so add this to your shopping spree on your island hopping adventures.

Carolyn Gaudet, a summer resident for 40 years, is our gallery curator. She  brings a lifetime of art experiences to her role. From Producing a retrospective art exhibit of 350 pieces, to puppet shows, to summer stock set designing, and now gathering art to inspire and encouraging island artists to share their  perspectives.

30 years as an elementary art educator was a fulfilling career. Now  the creative ventures just keep opening up, this island role has  broadened her involvement with islanders,  "With artistic surprises  appearing the day of the hanging, what a joy. The support the artists  bring to the gallery is truly inspiring." reports Carolyn.

Contact Carolyn at or   603 557 2093 or 130 Island Ave. during summer.

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