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Community Resources

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Boston Sand & Gravel


The ramp where barges land to offload vehicles and heavy machinery is called Boston Sand & Gravel by locals.



Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Catholic Church was established in the 1920's and is located on Island Ave.

The Evergreen United Methodist Church was established in the 1870's and is located on Leavitt Street just off Island Avenue.
Community Center

The Long Island Community Center is run by the Town Recreation Committee and is located on Wharf Street.

Conservation Areas

There are two parcels on the Island protected by conservation easements. The Conservation Area, simply called the Area by most, is the former site of the World War II Naval Fuel Depot tank farm. It is the larger of the two parcels comprised of about 200 acreas, nearly a quarter of the area of the entire island. The second conservation area is Wreck Cove.

Long Island has a number of beaches, the two best are South Beach and Fowler's Beach.
Fowler's Beach in early spring. Not quite beach weather!
Fire & Rescue Department

The Long Island Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department is housed in a building built by the Navy during World War II on Island Avenue.


The Historical Society is located in the Community Center building on Wharf Street.

Ivy Hall Gift Shop

Ivy Hall Gift Shop, located on the corner of Cushing Street and Fowler Road, is run by the Evergreen United Methodist Church. The building was contructed in the 1890's as the West End School.  It is open daily from 1:30 to 4:00 during the summer.


Mariners' Wharf

Mariners' Wharf, our link to the mainland with a Casco Bay Lines ferry docking.


There are two stores on the island, the Boathouse and the Long Island Store. The Boathouse is open year round while the Long Island Store is open only during the summer.

Boathouse Beverages - Wharf Street

Long Island Store Store - Island Avenue

Town Hall

Town Hall is "down front", on the waterfront, near Mariners' Wharf.


Transfer Station


The transfer station is located on Fowler Road, across from the Ivy Hall Gift Shop.

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